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Rocca di Asolo: Historic fortress overlooking the city

Asolo Rocca - Castle

Rocca di Asolo, also known as Asolo Castle, is perched on top of one of the hills surrounding the town of Asolo in the Veneto region of northern Italy. The fortress is easily accessible on foot from the town, making for a pleasant walk full of picturesque views. For visitors travelling by car, there are parking options in the town centre, from where they can continue on foot or use local transport services.


Rocca di Asolo has a long and turbulent history, dating back to the Middle Ages. The fortress was originally built in the 12th century as a defensive settlement, used to protect the town and its inhabitants from invasions and attacks. Over the following centuries, the fortress was destroyed and rebuilt several times, with each reconstruction adding to its grandeur and defensive capabilities. In the 15th century, when Asolo was part of the Venetian Republic, Rocca was further fortified and became a key defensive structure in the region.


The Rocca di Asolo is built of local stone and is a typical example of medieval military architecture. Despite many renovations, the fortress has retained its original character, including the massive stone walls and the tower that dominates its structure. From the top of the tower, visitors can enjoy an unparalleled 360-degree view of the entire town of Asolo and the surrounding countryside.

Rocca di Asolo

Curiosities and legends

The Rocca di Asolo displays artefacts and excavations that have been discovered on the site. These finds include ancient weapons, pottery and other objects that provide insight into the lives of the fort's inhabitants and defenders in past centuries. During the summer months, the site also hosts various cultural events and historical reenactments that attract visitors from all over the world.

One of the most interesting legends concerns the ghosts that supposedly inhabit this old fortress. It is said that at night it is possible to hear the sound of footsteps and see the shadows of the fort's former inhabitants who once lived and died here.

Another legend is related to Queen Catherine Cornaro, who was the wife of the last King of Cyprus and spent her last years in Asolo. According to legend, the queen often walked the walls of Rocca di Asolo to contemplate her fate and the loss of her kingdom. It is said that her ghost still wanders the walls of the fortress and watches the city unfold beneath her feet.

Opening hours and contact information

Rocca di Asolo is open to the public during the main tourist season from spring to autumn. Opening hours (usually 10am-7pm each day) can vary according to the season, so it is advisable to check the Asolo website for up-to-date information.

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