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Asolo - the city of a hundred horizons

Panorama of the town of Asolo

Asolo is one of the most charming towns in northern Italy, hidden in the green heart of the Veneto region. It has earned its nickname "City of a Hundred Horizons" thanks to the picturesque views that stretch out from its historic centre set on the tops of rolling hills.find out why you should visit this town below...


Asolo is located in the Veneto region, at the foot of the pre-Alpine peaks, about 80km north of Venice. The town is surrounded by lush forests and vineyards (the famous Valdobbiadene wine region, known for its excellent Prosecco, is located just 20km north of the town), making this area an ideal destination for nature lovers and tourists looking for the tranquillity and beauty of rural Italy. Asola's geographic location offers not only breathtaking views but also a pleasant, mild climate, which makes it possible to visit the town all year round.


Asolo has a rich and varied history that dates back to pre-Roman times. The town has been under the influence of many important cultures over the ages, including the Romans, who left their mark in the form of architectural remains (including the approximately 700m long La Bot aqueduct). In the Middle Ages, Asolo became an important defensive point and later enjoyed the protection of the Venetian Republic, which contributed to its prosperity. In the Renaissance, the town was a popular retreat for artists and writers, which added to its cultural richness. Asolo also became famous thanks to the Queen of Cyprus, Caterina Cornaro, who spent her last years here, bringing an aristocratic glamour to the town.


Asolo is a town full of history and romance, which is enriched by a number of legends and legends that give the town a mysterious and charming character. Here are some of the most interesting legends associated with Asolo:


The Fountain of Love (Fontana dell'Amore)

According to local legend, the water from this fountain has magical effects on love. It is said that anyone who drinks from this fountain will find true love. The legend also claims that if two lovers drink here together, their love will be eternal. This rumor attracts many loving couples who come here to ensure a happy and long-lasting relationship.


The Wishing Tree

This old tree is located in the city and is surrounded by many myths. Locals and visitors come to this tree to whisper their secret wishes. It is believed that if the wishes are spoken with a pure heart and good intentions, the tree will grant them. This ritual is especially popular among young people and couples in love.


House of Eleonora Duse

Eleonora Duse, the famous Italian actress who lived and died here, is said to still play the role of the town's protector. There are reports of her ghost appearing in the house where she lived, giving the place an air of mystery. Some claim to feel her presence or hear the whisper of her footsteps, which is taken as a sign that she still cares for the town's inhabitants.


The lost treasures of Queen Katerina Cornaro

Katerina Cornaro, Queen of Cyprus, who renounced her throne and spent the rest of her life in Asolo, is associated with legends of lost treasures. Rumour has it that somewhere in the palace or in the surrounding gardens are hidden valuables that once belonged to the Queen. Treasure hunters and historians have tried to find these hidden treasures, but so far without success.

Romantic medieval alley in Asolo

Historic center of Asolo, city walls

Romantic streets of Asolo

What to visit?

A walk through Asolo will take you along the narrow, stone-paved streets that are lined withlined with historic buildings and opening up new and new views of the surrounding countryside. Visitors will find:

Castello di Asolo with the theater of Eleonora Duse, in the background Rocca di Asolo

House of Eleonora Duse, the magnificent Villa Rinaldi in Asolo

Castello di Asolo, Rocca fortress in the background. House of Eleonora Duse, the magnificent Villa Rinaldi in Asolo.
  1. Rocca di Asolo: This imposing medieval fortress towers over the town on top of a hill and offers spectacular views of the surrounding countryside. The fortress is accessible on foot along a scenic trail and is an ideal place to understand the military history of the town.

  2. Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta: This beautiful church is the centre of religious life in Asolo and its current structure dates from the 18th century, although its original foundations are much older. Inside you will find beautiful frescoes and works of art.

  3. Villa Freya Stark: Home of the famous British traveller and writer who spent many years of her life here. The house is surrounded by beautiful gardens and still retains original furniture and personal items.

  4. Casa Duse: This home was the last home of the famous Italian actress Eleonora Duse, who died here in 1924. The house now functions as a museum and offers visitors an insight into the life and work of this important figure.

  5. Museo Civico: The local museum, housed in an old palace, offers an extensive collection ofart, archaeology and ethnography, providing visitors with a comprehensive view of the history and culture of Asolo.

  6. Fontana Maggiore: A beautiful Renaissance fountain located in the centre of the town and a popular meeting place. According to local lore, the fountain has magical properties.

  7. Ponte degli Alpini: An old stone bridge over the river that was built in the Middle Ages and serves as another of the town's important historical sites.

  8. Villa Contarini:a magnificent Renaissance villa with extensive gardens, located on the outskirts of the city. The villa is an example of Italian architectural elegance and is open to the public.

  9. Teatro Eleonora Duse: A small but historically important theatre named after the famous actress. The theatre hosts many cultural performances and concerts and is the centre of local artistic life.

  10. Scalinata di Eleonora Duse: A staircase leading to Eleonora Duse's house, surrounded by greenery and offering a beautiful view of the city.

Asolo - Villa Contarini

Villa Contarini degli Armeni, Zen di Asolo fountain

Villa Contarini and Villa Contarini degli Armeni, Zen di Asolo fountain

These places are key to understanding the cultural and historical importance of Asola and provide visitors with a rich experience full of discovery. Asolo is a truly fascinating destination that combines history with natural beauty, making every visit an unforgettable experience.

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