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The island of Sardinia is located in the Mediterranean Sea, southwest of the Italian mainland. The eastern part of the coast is washed by the waters of the Tyrrhenian Sea. After Sicily, it is the 2nd largest island in Italy. The island has an area of about 24,090 km2. Sardinia is also referred to as the "Emerald Island" because the sea water is crystal clear here. The coast is mostly rugged and consists of both rocks and a number of sandy and pebble beaches. The most popular beaches are those in the Costa Smeralda (Emerald Beach) in the northeast of the island. Costa Smeralda is one of the most exclusive sections of the coast not only in Sardinia, but in the whole of Italy. Sardinian beaches are beautiful with turquoise water, wild cliffs, high mountains attract many tourists every year. Sardinia is ideal for diving and sailing lovers.

Sardinia, with the capital Cagliari is rightly called the Pearl of the Mediterranean or the European Caribbean. On the island you can see monuments from prehistoric times, from the Bronze and Iron Ages, but also from later Roman times. Visitors can use accommodation from residences and middle-class hotels to the most luxurious hotels and resorts. Wild flamingos can be seen in many places. Sardinia is diverse, with beautiful sandy beaches and tourist resorts, as well as wild jagged cliffs and deserted beaches. The interior has a rather arid, wild and deserted impression.

The official language here is Italian. There are also other Romance languages ​​and dialects: Sassar, Gallur (Corsican dialect), Tabar (Ligurian dialect) and Algerian (from the area around the town of Alghero, Catalan dialect).

Typical Sardinian dishes and drinks include:

SEADA / SEBADAS - fried cheese bags with honey

PANNE CARASAU - thin bread; the basic ingredients are yeast, salt, water and durum wheat groats.

CANESTRATO is a hard cheese made from cow's milk mixed with sheep's milk or goat's milk; The term canestrato refers to reed baskets used to make and store cheeses

PECORINO - cheese made from sheep's milk; the taste of the cheese is salty, distinctly spicy

CASU MARZU "rotting cheese" - cheese intentionally infected with fly larvae; the cheese is consumed with live larvae.

MIRTO - bitter-sweet liqueur made from myrtle

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