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Collio: the kingdom of wine and culinary delights

Collio vineyards

The Collio, a picturesque region straddling the border between Italy and Slovenia, is a gem for wine lovers who crave an authentic experience full of flavour and tradition. This regional gem is known for its vineyards, breathtaking panorama and delicious culinary scene.


In Collio, wine is intrinsically linked to the region. The vineyards are spread over hilly terrain, where several varieties are grown, such as Friulano, Ribolla Gialla and Sauvignon Blanc. Local winemakers are dedicated to traditional winemaking, creating delicious drinks that reflect the unique soil of the Collio.

In addition to its beautiful vineyards, Collio offers picturesque villages and historical sites. Gorizia, the capital of the area, has a rich history that is evident in its elegant buildings and squares. Walking through the streets of Gorizia, one can discover quaint shops offering local specialties and handicrafts.


Collio also prides itself on its culinary diversity. Local restaurants and markets offer delicious dishes inspired by traditional Friulian cuisine. These delicacies are often accompanied by local wines, creating a wonderful harmony of flavours.

To visit the Collio is to immerse yourself in an atmosphere where wine, culinary art and the beauty of the landscape come together. For wine lovers, it's a paradise where they can taste the local produce, drive through the vineyards and explore the rich history of this unique region. Collio is the perfect destination for those who want to experience Italian hospitality and enjoy a delicious mix of wine and culinary adventures.


If you are a wine lover, we recommend visiting these excellent wineries, for example:

  1. Marco Felluga: This family-run winery has a long tradition of producing high quality wine. They specialize in varieties such as Pinot Grigio, Sauvignon, and more.

  2. Livio Felluga: Another winemaking family with a rich history, producing wines since 1956. Livio Felluga focuses on traditional varietals, and its wines are considered internationally renowned.

  3. Venica & Venica: This vineyard has roots dating back to the 19th century and is known for its bottlings of the Friulano grape. Their vineyards are spread across several parts of the Collio, contributing to the complex profile of their wines.

  4. Primosic: Specializing in wines from the Ribolla Gialla grape variety, Primosic is a small winery that emphasizes traditional production methods and respect for the environment.

  5. Edi Keber: Specializing in white wines, Edi Keber is a passionate producer who emphasizes the soil and microclimate of the region. His wines are full of complex flavours and distinctive character.

  6. Our secret tip - Joško Gravner is an exceptional winemaker who has an excellent reputation in Collio. Although he now works at a winery in Friuli Venezia Giulia, he is also recognised beyond Italy's borders. Gravner is known for his unconventional approach to winemaking and his strong emphasis on traditional and historical methods.

    His winery is particularly known for producing orange wine, a style that is characterized by a longm period of fermentation and maceration on a skewer, along with the use of large amphorae made mainly of aluminium and wood. Gravner's methods are inspired by the traditional way of making wine as practised in ancient Greece and Rome.

    His wines are often complex and full of character, with strong notes of fruit and minerals. Although Gravner's wines may be unusual to those accustomed to conventional modern wines, his workhis work has received international acclaim and his winemaking is considered one of the most interesting of its kind.

    For wine lovers who want to experience something different and authentic, a visit to Josek Gravner's winery could be a fascinating adventure.


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