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Undiscovered Treasures: the Mysterious Beauty of Italy

Parco dei Mostri

In the heart of Italy there are many magical places that still remain hidden from the world's eyes, and whose beautiesand authenticity create an indescribable charm, recalling the richness of the history and culture of this picturesque country. These places are perfect for those who want to discover the secrets of destinations that have not yet been explored.


Lazio - Parco dei Mostri

Not far from the town of Bomarza in the Lazio region lies the fascinating Parco dei Mostri, also known as the Park of Monsters. Dating back to the 16th century, this park is characterised by its stunning stone sculptures of mythical creatures and various monsters. Click on this link for more information.

Tuscany - Tarot Garden

In Tuscany, on the south side of the Gravicchio hill, there is a magical park - the Giardino dei Tarocchi. The garden, created by French-American artist Niki de Saint Phalle, enchants with unusual shapes and sculptures made of steel or concrete, which are decorated with mirrors, glass and coloured ceramics. Niki de Saint Phalle drew inspiration from the famous architect Gaudí and his unique works in Barcelona. Through this inspiration, he created a spiritual journey through the garden, accompanied by these sculptures, which are metaphors for life. Also notable are the quotes and thoughts that are carved into the concrete along the park's paths to guide visitors with their inspirational power. For more information -

Tarotová zahrada


Tuscany - Castello di Sammezzano

Let's stay in Tuscany, where not far from the village of Reggello stands the majestic castle of Sammezzano, which attracts great attention with its neoclassical and oriental style, creating a fairy-tale atmosphere. It is the most important example of Moorish architecture, which visitors can admire not only in its interiorbut also in its magnificent gardens - more info on the website.

Castello di Sammezzano

Apulia - a journey among millennial olive trees and the blue town of Casamassima

In the Puglia region there is an area called Itinerario dei Giganti, known as the land of olive trees. This area is a place where thousands of-year-old olive trees grow and offers visitors a network of paths to follow to discover the rich heritage of the olive oil culture. For those interested in longer hikes, there is a link with a video showing suitable routes - link here.


Olive trees centennial

If you will already be in Puglia, we definitely recommend including a visit to the blue jewel of Italy, the town of Casamassima, in your itinerary. The blue colour of the town's houses has its origins in the 17th century, when the town escaped a plague epidemic under the protection of the Madonna of Constantinople. As an expression of gratitude, the town's buildings were painted blue to match the shade of her coat.


Marche and Monti Sibillini

In the Marche region lies the Sibillini Mountains National Park, famous for its layered red rocks in the shape of towers, reminiscent of the Grand Canyon.These rocks, made up of gravel, clay and clay due to atmospheric erosion, give the impression of being in the United States of America. Its rich vegetation makes this national park an ideal place to make longer hikes. The website offers four different routes you can take - link here.

Monti Sibillini

sicily - not just Syracuse

Finally, let's move on to Sicily, where near the famous town of Syracuse, lies the beautiful seaside village of Marzamemi. Many tourists focus mainly on the city of Syracuse and often overlook this picturesque village, where the narrow streets and coastal setting are perfect for a relaxing day out - link to video.

Marzamemi Sicily

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