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Ferrara, university town and city of bicycles

Ferrara - Castello Estenze - Piazza Savonarolla

Ferrara is the perfect city to go to on a weekend if you want to go for art, culture, gastronomy and slow cycling. It's a city where the Emilian atmosphere radiates from every corner.

Castello Estense

How can we begin to describe Ferrara without starting from its main symbol? Castello Estense is undoubtedly the city's mainstay, a privileged starting point for exploring Ferrara and the famous place of its most illustrious noble family.


The castle was built in 1385 with a clear defensive intent by order of Marquis Nicolò II d'Este, but a few centuries later it was beautified and given a new look as a court residence. The marble balconies, the sumptuous and completely frescoed apartments and the courtyard with its 16th-century lines became a symbol of the new era of Castello Estense under the banner of elegance and grandeur that we can still admire today.


To start your visit, you can try an unusual activity, namely a boat ride on the castle moat to see the castle from a different perspective. The ride lasts about 15 minutes and includes listening to a recorded commentary in Italian or English. You will learn interesting facts about the castle and the customs of the Dukes of Este.


opening hours:

every day (except Tuesday) 10:00 - 18:00

last ticket for Torre Leoni - 16:30

box office closes at 17:15


full price: 12€

reduced price: 10€


(for more information on prices, visit the official website -

Ferrara - Basilica Cattedrale di San Giorgio

Ferrara - Museo della Cattedrale

La Cattedrale di Ferrara

The Cathedral of Ferrara, a Romanesque and Gothic jewel with a majestic triangular façade, represents, together with the Estense Castle, the heart of the city. Its emblematic elements include the Renaissance bell tower in white and pink marble by Leon Battista Alberti and the brick apse by Ferrara architect Biagio Rossetti.

The cathedral has also been the site of constant rebuilding throughout various historical epochs. It still bears traces of the terrible earthquake that shook the region of Emilia Romagna in 2012. For this reason, the building has been closed to the public since November 2018, when the spectacular restoration work, which is still ongoing, began.


It is currently unknown when it will be able to show itself to visitors again in all its glory.

Palazzo dei Diamanti

Palazzo dei Diamanti

The Palazzo dei Diamanti owes its name to the more than 8,500 marble blocks that make up the surface of the building and resemble the shape of a diamond.
Today, the palace is the centre of major art exhibitions, which offer visitors a rich programme of events on the ground floor throughout the year.

 The best way to get to know Ferrara is by bicycle

Ferrara by bike

For those who want to start exploring the city itself, we recommend the Ferrara Walls route, which is 9 km long and passes through the historic centre and the most famous places in the city. We recommend starting this route from the Castello Estense. Following the Corso Ercole d'Este, you will reach the Porta degli Angeli. From here you will pass 9 km of walls that encircle the historic centre of Ferrara. The trail is also suitable for pedestrians.

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