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Costiera Sorrentina

Meta a Sorrento

The Sorrento Coast is a stretch of the Campanian coastline that is characterised by its ancient history, crystal clear sea and long gastronomic tradition. The name of the area derives from the town of Sorrento, which is considered the most important town. The coastline, surrounded by the Tyrrhenian Sea on one side and green hills on the other, is a real gem.


most of the coastal towns on the Sorrento coast have grown over the years from small fishing villages to tourist centres famous for their beautiful beaches and turquoise sea. Visiting these towns means getting lost in the narrow streets scented with the smell of lemons, discovering the thousands ofcenturies of tradition, swimming in small coves and sampling delicious local cuisine.


This part of the coast is also famous for several typical products, such as limoncello, a liqueur made from coastal lemons using techniques that have remained unchanged for generations, Gragnano pasta and mozzarella di bufala campana DOP.


Sorrento, considered the capital of this part of the coast, is an ideal destination all year round thanks to its climate and excellent infrastructure.

Sorrento's main square is Piazza Tasso, named after the famous writer Torquato Tasso, who was born here in 1544. The centre of Sorrento is characterised by shops, artisan workshops and historical monuments such as the Sedile Domino, a medieval institution designed to administer the town, the 15th century cathedral and the monastery complex of San Francesco.

Be sure not to miss a visit to the beautiful Villa Comunale, located right by the sea and offering spectacular views of the Bay of Naples. From here, a scenic drive leads to Sorrento's Marina Piccola beach, where there are a number of bathing areas. Near the beach there is also a harbour where ferries to Capri and Naples depart.

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