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Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta in Asolo

Asolo cathedral


The original church on this site was built in the Middle Ages, but the present form of the cathedral dates from a reconstruction carried out in the 18th century. This reconstruction was carried out in the Baroque style, which was very popular in Italy at the time. The church was dedicated to the Assumption of the Virgin Mary, reflecting its name "Santa Maria Assunta".

Architecture and interior

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta is built in the Baroque style with striking features such as high pillars, extensive golden decoration and dynamic lines. The exterior of the church is relatively simple with an emphasis on symmetry and harmony, while the interior is richly decorated and provides space for a number of works of art.


The interior is richly decorated, including wooden choirs carved in the 17th century and an imposing high altar of white Carrara marble, completed in the 18th century.among the most important works of art are the frescoes by Jacopo Bassano, which cover the apse of the church and are considered masterpieces of Italian Renaissance painting.

One of the equally interesting parts of the cathedral is the series of painted stained glass windows, which were restored and reinstalled in the 20th century. The windows tell various biblical stories and add rich coloured light to the interior.

Function and meaning

The Cathedral of Santa Maria Assunta not only serves as the spiritual centre of Asolo, but also as a cultural monument that attracts visitors from all over the world. It is the venue for many religious festivals, wedding ceremonies and other social events, underlining its continuing importance to the community of Asolo.

Opening hours and contact information

The Cathedral is open to the public every day, but operating hours may vary depending on church services and holidays. For the most up-to-date information, it is recommended to visit the official website or the local tourist information center.parking is available in the public car parks near Piazza Garibaldi.

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