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For history in the picturesque Concordia Sagittaria

Concordia Sagittaria night

Concordia Sagittaria, a small town in the Veneto region of Italy, harbours a rich historical and cultural heritage. Although it may be less well known than other famous Italian cities, its importance and beauty are incomparable.


The city was founded by the Romans under the name of "Julia Concordia". During its long history, it served as an important point on the Via Annia, the ancient road connecting cities in northern Italy.

One of the important historical aspects of the city is its association with archers. The word "Sagittaria" refers to the production of arrows and bows, which was an important part of its economy. It also led to a strong military background that protected the town for centuries.


Concordia Sagittaria is a real treasure worth discovering. It's a place where history meets culture and where visitors can immerse themselves in authentic Italian life. If you head to Concordia Sagittaria, you're sure to come back with plenty to experience. We've got 6 tips on what to see in the city.

St. Stephen's Cathedral

The landmark of the town is definitely the 15th century St. Stephen's Cathedral, also known as the "Duomo di Concordia", built on the foundations of an older church. Inside the cathedral you will find remains of ancient architecture along with magnificent frescoes and sculptures. Its architecture combines different styles from Romanesque to Baroque. It is a place where history merges with art and faith.

Next to St. Stephen's Cathedral is the Baptistery, which was built in the early Christian period and served as a baptismal site for new converts to Christianity. Its architecture combines elements of Romanesque and Byzantine styles.

Concordia Sagittaria Church

Archaeological Park

Concordia Sagittaria is rich in archaeological the park, you can walk among the ruins of ancient baths, an amphitheatre, houses and other buildings that provide a glimpse into life in Roman times. Archaeological finds also include fragments of mosaics, statues and other artefacts.


The city is famous for its archaeological sites. Archaeological excavations began in the last century and resulted in the discovery of burial sites dating from the 4th-5th centuries. century AD with preserved sarcophagi.sarcophagi are traditional tombs that were used to bury prominent personalities and wealthy individuals in ancient Rome. These massive stone vessels were often decorated with reliefs and inscriptions that celebrated the life and legacy of the deceased.

Concordia Sagittaria Museum

the Museum at Concordia Sagittaria contains collections of archaeological finds, historical artifacts and works of art that document the city's rich history and cultural heritage. The collections include artifacts from antiquity to the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.

Historical Centre

The picturesque streets of the historic centre are ideal for strolling and exploring. Here you can admire ancient buildings, traditional crafts and local shops offering authentic Italian goods. You'll also find cafes, restaurants and traditional markets where you can sample local specialities and shop for souvenirs.

City life, festivals and events

Although Concordia Sagittaria is a small town, its inhabitants are proud of their culture and traditions. Throughout the year, Concordia Sagittaria hosts several festivals and events that highlight the local culture and traditions. Among the most popular are the Feast of St. Stephen on December 26 and traditional music and dance festivals.


The town is also known for its culinary tradition. Local restaurants and markets offer a wide range of traditional Italian dishes, from fresh pasta to delicious seafood. It is the place to enjoy true Italian hospitality and cuisine.

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