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Bologna and tortellini

Bologna - čtvrť Quadrilatero
Bologna is world famous for its arcades, medieval squares, the Torre degli Asinelli and the Garisenda towers - one of the largest emilia's main attractions, located at the entrance to the city from the ancient Via Emilia. Whether it's a day trip or a week-long holiday, Bologna is definitely one of Italy's cities to visit, not least for its gastronomic tradition.


Bologna serves many traditional dishes: from cotoletta Bolognese,

Cotoletta alla bolognese

to torta di riso to the famous egg pasta, whether it's tagliatelle al ragù or tortellini in brodo. Tortellini have always been considered a purely Bolognese dish. Few people know that Bologna and Modena still argue about their origins.



What we now call tortellini (the name probably comes from the diminutive of the word tortello, which in turn is derived from the Italian torta) is mostmost likely the heir to a long line of idioms that originated in poorer and more populous social classes.


Tortellini is a ring-shaped stuffed pasta. The original recipe uses fresh yellow pasta, which is made with one egg per 100g of flour and carefully rolled out by hand. The filling contains pork tenderloin, prosciutto, mortadella di Bologna, Parmigiano Reggiano, egg and nutmeg. All served with meat broth, of course.


Legend has it that the beautiful Marchesina came to spend the night at the inn in Castelfranco Emilia, which was then part of Bologna, after a long journey. The innkeeper, enchanted by her beauty, peered into the room through a keyhole. Inspired, he created a tortellino that resembled a noblewoman's navel.


One of the important dates for the tortellini is 1904, when the Bartani brothers from Emilia Romagna presented them at the Los Angeles Fair: from that moment on, the tortellini became known all over the world.

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