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ABRUZZO: What is arrosticini Abruzzesi?


If you visit the Abruzzo region, you must try the typical arrosticini!

Arrosticini are skewers of mutton. The meat is gradually threaded onto skewers and cooked on a special grill called a 'furnacella'. The meat should contain about ¼ fat so that it is not tough. It should also not be grilled for too long, otherwise it will lose its liquids and fall apart.


Arrosticini must be eaten immediately after cooking. In order to keep them warm, they should be served in a traditional bundle that is wrapped entirely in foil. There can be up to 50 pieces per bundle. Eat them with your hands! The skewers are traditionally served with homemade bread brushed with olive oil.


You can tell if a restaurant is keeping with tradition at a glance: if you get arrosticini on a plate, beware.


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